The first question we’re always asked is, why PayOnDelivery?  The answer is very simple, really.  What better way to buy from an anonymous seller online?

With so many dishonest sellers and scammers online giving legitimate sellers a bad name, we are here to put a trusted way of buying and selling back into the marketplace. PayOnDelivery offers the best alternative payment method to both buyers and sellers.

Now there are a few options out there to sellers of course, most notably eBay.  A seller can go to eBay and pay to list an item (listing fees) then pay again when it has sold (final values fees) and of course, then we  pay PayPal to process the payment. By the time a seller is done, up to 23% of the value of their transaction has gone to the eBay company, who just happens to be PayPal’s parent company (bet you didn’t know that, did you?)



I’ve always wondered what the key motivation was for people going to eBay to sell, instead of the option to sell on craigslist, or why do people feel safer to buy and sell on eBay but not on Craigslist?  What does the eBay marketing pitch of the eBay buyer protection, eBay seller protection and sellers rating have to do with this comfort level of participants in a transaction?  And is PayPal really the only way to pay?

The simple fact is this: I am a lot more willing to have a transaction with a buyer or seller that I know is not out to “get me.”  On an auction site like eBay I have this comfort level because eBay makes sure it vets the people that come onto the site and if by some chance the transaction goes bad, eBay has a way to make amends to me – albeit with “penalties” on my part, phone calls to their support, paperwork, proof, my precious time etc.

At PayOnDelivery, we are here to take away these “penalties”. PayOnDelivery gives you the peace of mind to buy from any seller online and much more.  It assures you that if a transaction goes bad you won’t have to suffer through endless emails and phone calls to get it corrected.  With PayOnDelivery the protection is upfront, not after the transaction.

I like to use the analogy of Mrs. Smith.  Mrs. Smith wants to walk into her bank to withdraw $1000 in cash, but there’s a problem.  Mrs. Smith has to walk through one of the toughest neighborhoods in New Jersey (sorry New Jersey), so bad they call it “mugger’s alley”.  The bank manager says to Mrs. Smith, “Don’t worry; we have a way to track the cash if anything happens.  Just write down the numbers on the notes, if for some reason you’re mugged, let us know and we’ll help you track down the money.  Mrs. Smith, not satisfied with this answer, walks into another bank to see if there’s another option out there. Bank 2 says, “Don’t worry Mrs. Smith; we know you’re walking through mugger’s alley, we’re ready for this.  To protect you we’ll give you four burly bodyguards to walk you through mugger’s alley so that you will get to our bank and home safely.  Mrs. Smith chose to make it home safely with Bank 2’s 4 burly men. Her money went exactly where it was supposed to go because she made the right choice.  That choice is PayOnDelivery

“You don’t pay until its delivered” means just that – when you receive the item, you have 24 hours to make sure what you bought from the seller is what was delivered.  If it is, you don’t have to do anything else, if it is not,  just print a return label from PayOnDelivery and send it back to the seller.

Obviously, sellers will be concerned about PayOnDelivery…”How can I be sure the buyer is going to pay me?”   Simple: PayOnDelivery guarantees the seller’s payment the second the seller accepts the buyer’s offer to buy, all the seller has to do is ship it in the defined shipping window.

In a PayOnDelivery transaction, the seller is secure, doesn’t have to pay to list on eBay, can list on Craigslist and not need to meet with a buyer, can now sell their product nationwide and the seller doesn’t  have any out of pocket expenses to make a sale.

For the buyer, total confidence in buying from a seller that’s using PayOnDelivery because if the item is not delivered, they don’t pay, the money doesn’t even leave their account and they don’t have to lift a finger to file a complaint if there’s an issue with their purchase.  PayOnDelivery notifies them when there’s an issue with a transaction, cancels the transaction and nothing else needs to happen since payment would have never left the buyer’s account.

That is what PayOnDelivery does…it gives EVERYONE a hassle free, stress free way to purchase from any seller and sell effortlessly on sites like Craigslist.