If you buy stuff online from retailers who sell on craigslist or any other free marketplace like oodle, Facebook marketplace, then buying safely socially is probably something you’ve already though about. With a lot of time being spent online by individuals between Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, the ability to exchange and sell items has seamlessly been interwoven into our everyday life.  A friend who knows a friend that’s getting rid of an ipod or wants to buy a used cell phone can post in on these sites and play their own version of “Let’s Make a Deal” and sell their stuff online, with no fees, or hassles…at least that’s what one might think.


The limiting issue with these types of transactions is of course, the trust factor. If I’m buying from a friend within my immediate circle, then it’s a lot easier for them to trust me to deliver and charge a reasonably fair price.  Outside of the circle or network, the further away the connection is – the more apprehensive one can get. Who’s this Lisa that just happened to “friend” a friend of one your friends, yet she has no picture or info on her profile? All you know is that she wants to buy your item.  At PayOnDelivery, our mission is to take away this understandable nervousness from social buying and selling. Since it’ll be difficult to sell my size 8 and fairly used shoes to my immediate circle over and over again when I’m done with them, I could have a better chance of making a sale if my circle is expanded.



PayOnDelivery establishes this trust between any buyer and any seller on any social network.  It’s a lot easier to sell my size 8 fairly used shoes to my friends, my friend’s friend, and even that unknown person who SAYS she is Lisa, because I validate that I’m a genuine seller on the site and I don’t need to be vouched for before I can make the sale. I can just reply to Lisa that I’d be happy to sell her the shoes.  All she needs to do is go to www.payondelivery.com, and we can take care of the transaction.  This might make Lisa feel more comfortable, too.  She only used Facebook to look around and see friends’ pictures they posted, but when she saw those shoes that she had been dying to buy, she had to ask you about them. She was nervous about buying from a stranger.  It’s a sale I might not have made otherwise.


As a buyer, if I want to buy on Facebook, I’m not caught with having to bad mouth my buddy’s friend to my buddy because he didn’t deliver or otherwise, because I asked the seller to use PayOnDelivery.  When he hemmed and hawed about doing so, I just said, “No deal then”, and left it that.  Believe it or not, this same person sent me an email two weeks later saying he would use PayOnDelivery if I still wanted that item.  He obviously couldn’t seem to sell it.  Even though it’s a “social” networking site, it’s still a transaction between two people.  In order to make sure selling on Facebook (or any other site) is legitimate, PayOnDelivery is the only smart choice for buying and selling merchandise online.