Can you sell on Facebook? Absolutely! Although Facebook has been around since 2004, many online retailers still think that to sell on craigslist is the only way to sell on a free marketplace. Selling stuff on Facebook didn’t become a popular option until recently. The main reason that Facebook selling, or F-Commerce as it is now commonly called, still hasn’t taken off as well as you might expect is because sellers have to be much more creative in getting buyers to make a purchase. While storefronts and the Marketplace apps are a good way to present your item for sale, getting readers interested takes much more work than just setting up shop and expecting the money to roll in.



Tips for Selling on Facebook

  • Create an alluring Facebook Fan Page.  Before you can start selling on Facebook, you’ll need to create a fan page that inspires people to want to “Like” you. The more fans you amass, the further reach your products will have. Design a cover that stays within Facebook’s rules, but also lets potential fans know what they can expect from your fan page. Make sure you fully fill out the “About” section, and use a third-party application to design an engaging “Welcome” page.


  •  Engage your fans. Whether you have a single fan or thousands, engaging them is one of the most important steps you can take to set yourself out from the crowd. Post tips, news stories, or questions that relate to your product or service. For example, if you are selling scented candles, ask your fans to name their favorite scent. Make sure you go back and interact with fans as they respond to your posts.


  • Learn the Facebook rules. Before you even consider selling an item or running a promotion on Facebook, read their rules inside and out. If you break a rule, even unknowing, Facebook can yank down your page and you’ll lose all your fans. They have very specific yet sometimes confusing rules regarding the types of items or services you can advertise on your fan page. If you don’t understand these rules, get a lawyer to look over them and explain them to you.


  • Offer incentives. Once you know what you can and cannot advertise on Facebook, start offering incentives for purchasing your products. For example, offer a 10 percent discount to all of your Facebook fans. This not only rewards existing fans, but also increases the likelihood that you’ll gain new fans.


  • Scope out the competition. Follow fan pages for other businesses that are similar to yours and keep an eye on their incentives, how they engage their fans, and other ways that they use their page to increase sales. While it’s not a good idea to directly copy another seller’s business model, you can use it to inspire changes to your own.


  • Use a reliable payment service. Allow your fans to purchase items through a reliable payment service, like PayOnDelivery. The service protects both parties from fraudulent activities.


Whether you decide to install a third-party application and run a storefront right from your Facebook fan page, sell items in the Marketplace, or just use your page to entice fans to click through to your actual online store, following these tips will create a richer experience for your fans, which translates to more dollars for you. Once you start to sell on Facebook, and use a safe service like PayOnDelivery, you will find a lot of extra money in your pocket.