List on Craigslist

In a single month, Craigslist receives 50 billion page views. Craigslist is an extremely popular website and it’s not hard to figure out why. Not only is Craigslist straightforward and easy to use, but you can list on Craigslist and sell on Craigslist for absolutely nothing. You can advertise just about anything under the sun on Craigslist from your car to your couch and don’t have to pay a dime to do it.


The rewards of buying and selling through Craigslist are fairly obvious, but so are the risks.

When you sell on Craigslist, you’re most likely dealing with a complete stranger. You have no way of knowing who that person really is and you’re taking a leap of faith that they’ll actually pay you. If you aren’t comfortable with the anonymity of Craigslist, you can use eBay and PayPal, but you’ll lose as much as 23% of your profit to their fees.


So where does PayOnDelivery come in to all of this? PayOnDelivery is a PayPal alternative that offers you peace of mind for less money. You can still list your item on Craigslist at no cost, but don’t have to worry about fraudsters and flakes. PayOnDelivery secures the buyer’s payment for you and ensures you have the funds just 24 hours after the buyer receives your item.


8 Quick Steps to List on Craigslist with PayOnDelivery


1.    Log in to your PayOnDelivery account and load your item. Include a title and description, set the price and shipping terms, and add any photos.

sell on Craigslist

2.    Click the Craigslist logo in the sharing tool.

3.    Save the photos you uploaded in step 1 to your computer so you can easily access them later.

4.    Click “copy to clipboard” to grab your item’s description, price, shipping terms and PayOnDelivery link.

5.    Click “post to Craigslist.”

6.    Log in to your Craigslist account and create a new posting. Fill in the title, price and location as you normally would. Under the description, paste the information you just copied from PayOnDelivery in step 4.

7.    Add the photos you saved in step 3.

8.    Preview and post to Craigslist.


All a Craigslist buyer needs to do now is click the PayOnDelivery link in your posting and they’ll be directed right to your item. PayOnDelivery will notify you instantly when a bid has been placed. Once you accept the bid, the buyer’s payment is secured and will be released to you once the item has been received and verified. All transactions close in 24 hours so the buyer must either accept the item or immediately return it.